De Lynn Klosterhoff is one of The Top Selling Real Estate Experts™

Why Do Some Real Estate Agents Outsell Others 8 to 1?
They negotiate the best deals, list the best homes, have the biggest network of buyers looking for homes, and market properties more effectively, both on the web and off. That's why people come back to them again and again. That's why they sell more homes! They are proven winners - and people know it.

How good is YOUR agent? The average NUMBER1EXPERT:

  • Helps people buy and sell a staggering 74 properties each year! That's a home or property bought or sold every 5 days.
  • Sells over $18.5 million per year in homes and properties.
  • Has more than 15 years experience in real estate. About one third have 20 or more years. Some have over 30.
  • Employs a team of 2 or more skilled assistants dedicated to helping people buy and sell homes. 1 in 8 have 5 or more assistants. Some have as many as 10.
De Lynn Klosterhoff
De Lynn Klosterhoff
4 West Drive #110 Chesterfield MO 63017